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Ethical Issues in the Field of Educational Research

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Discusses various ethical issues existing in the field of educational research AND outline strategies which can be used to address these issues. Then identify 3-5 examples of research that has since been classified as unethical (hint: see Tuskegee Syphilis Study, Willowbrook Study, or Milgram Study for examples) and review the reasons these studies violated ethical standards of research and professional practice.

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Ethics in educational research: introducing a methodological tool for effective ethical analysis. By: Stutchbury, Kris; Fox, Alison. Cambridge Journal of Education. Dec2009, Vol. 39 Issue 4, p489-504.

This guideline will give you an efficient blueprint to base your OWN research upon while providing proper citation and references for the work that was accumulated by me. The research is predicated upon the frameworks of two different groundbreaking researchers in the field of ethics in educational research. Any research study will encounter potential ethical scenarios that could cause for unethical behavior with educational research serving as no exception to this norm. Ethical issues complicate the research process, requiring researchers to remain diligent and aware of rules, laws, and codes of conduct that determine appropriate behavior while conducting their research (Stutchbury & Fox, 2009).

Integrity and the ability to maintain the integrity of the research is also an ethical issue with different facets such as how to most efficiently use resources available to the researchers, the capability to gather enough data on the subject matter, and other vital issues that may result in unethical behavior being committed to influence these objectives. Ethical decisions must be made in research to ensure that the reasoning behind the decisions within the study are discernible to the reader and can be defended under scrutiny by others within the educational field that may peer review the study (Stutchbury & Fox, 2009).

Ethical issues occur at both micro and macro levels within research wherein the macro level deals with gathering enough data to derive valid conclusions and the micro level may deal with what type of interviews will be conducted ...

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The ethical issues in the field of educational research is examined.