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    What were key factors in re-positioning Rollerblade

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    What were the key factors in re-positioning Rollerblade and changing its image? How did Rollerblade use the 4 Ps to increase sales of their skate?

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    The below information is found at the following website: http://www.fundinguniverse.com/company-histories/Rollerblade-Inc-Company-History.html

    See the section titled "Boom & Bust Indeed: 1996-99". I have quoted the relevant areas for you:

    Yet while it seemed as if the inline skating boom was over with faltering sales and sports stores slashing prices to move product, Rollerblade's parent company, Benetton Sportsystem (which also owned Nordica) upped the ante by "raising prices" and "bringing fancier models" to stores to concentrate on diehard enthusiasts rather than beginners. Then the Benetton family, major shareholders in both the public company and its private subsidiaries, began selling off its shares in the sports-related division to the publicly traded parent company, Benetton ...

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