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Defining marketing

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I have attached an overview of the marketing course material that I am study this week, however I am having difficulty with the discussion questions at the bottom of the attachment as I have not quite gained a full understanding of the material.

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I can guide you with these questions. You should read the question and the points here and then read the information supplied again to more fully answer each question.

o Based upon your current perception of marketing, how would you define a) from a personal view and b) based on the function of marketing within your organization? What are the top three marketing challenges faced by the organization? What impact does marketing have/ could have on organizational success?

Marketing in any organization is faced with the challenge of getting the product or service they provide noticed, making it appear useful to both the interested user (needs) and the casual user (wants), and making sure the price point and positioning is both cost effective and consumer friendly. In the company I work for this is usually based on the type and quality of the work we provide and the ASAP factor. Usually our work is done with the attitude of "the sooner, the better." ...

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Answers to questions that help define marketing and how it works within a company.

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Define Marketing; discuss the importance to success; provide three examples

1. Can you define Marketing yourself

2. Next can you give define Marketing from two different sources and be sure to cite them.

3. Based on the definitions, can you explain the importance of marketing in organizational success and provide at least three examples from the business world to support the explanations.

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