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standardized vs an adaptation approach

Details: While on a flight home from a meeting in New York, Annette Santiago read in a business magazine about the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing a standardized versus an adaptation approach to promoting your products overseas. She asked you to research the issue and to determine the better strategy for ¡Qué Rico! in the foreign country.

Search the Library and the Internet for trade and academic articles related to this issue. Discuss and defend your choice with your classmates.


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My choice will certainly be to adapt the product as per local customer's choice, preferences, culture and customs in the foreign company. A standardized approach may be successful for few products, but an adaptation strategy works well in terms of exploiting the full potential of a product in the foreign country.

An adaptation approach allows an organization to understand the needs of the local customers in a better manner, help in coming closer to the customer for the longer run and ...

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Pursue a standardized vs an adaptation approach to promoting products overseas