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Standardization VS Customization in Global Marketing

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The objective is to further explore how and why international companies standardize or customize when marketing in the country you have selected.

For the other company you are studying ,analyze which marketing elements (such as product design, branding, pricing, advertising approach, retail outlets, etc.) have been standardized and which have been customized, comparing the company's marketing approach in your home country with that in the country you have selected. Is the pattern similar to that you observed with the first company you studied?

Is there a certain mix of standardization/customization, which appears to be ideal in the country you selected or is the optimum mix dependent on certain characteristics of the product, market segments, or competition?

In addition to references that are specific to the company you are studying, read at least three scholarly articles about standardization/customization in international marketing. Use theories from these articles to support your conclusions.

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The discussion focuses on whether Ikea uses standardization or customization in its global marketing approach, specifically in Jordan, as opposed to the U.S. A case can be made that the company uses both and mass customization as well. Attached in Word.

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