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Research tools for marketing

Prepare a paper based on the following:

A. Four different research tools.

1) Itools- Internet search
2) Books/Journals, manuals etc...
3) Newspapers
4) Magazines

? Analyze the applicability of your selected research tools to your selected scenario.
? Which tool is the most applicable?
? Which tool is the least applicable?

The Scenario: Verizon is considering introducing a new product/service
The new product is called the (E-Z phone) which is a combination of the iPhone and a Blackberry.


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In order to determine the marketability of the new E-Z phone, itools and an internet search will determine what the public wants in a phone. After a general idea is obtained, an internet search can be done on both the iPhone and the Blackberry to determine what people like and dislike about both phones. By obtaining these specifics, marketing can be done towards emphasizing the characteristics of the E-Z phone that people tend to like and stay away from characteristics that tend to bother people who are currently using either the iPhone or the Blackberry.

Manuals and books can help ...

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Research tools for marketing Verizon products