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Marketing Research Blunders

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Evaluate the marketing techniques that would be most appropriate for a small business.

When it comes to marketing research, speculate to the blunders that beginning marketers commonly make. Provide a rationale with your response.

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The expert evaluates the marketing techniques that would be most appropriate for a small business. The expert speculates the blunders that beginning marketers commonly make.

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When it comes to marketing research there are several tools that are at the disposal of the marketer. These tools can be used by businesses of any size and should aid the company in gathering the necessary data needed to make informed decisions about their marketing strategy. For a small business the funds for marketing research may not be as plentiful as that of a larger organization. A small business needs to use their resources more effectively and cautiously then an organization that has been around for years, and has deeper pockets. For these reasons the small business should use marketing research tools that are going to help them gather the most information for the cheapest cost.

One example of marketing research that a small business could use to gather the information needed would be surveys. Surveys can be low cost ways to find out what the consumers think about the company, their products, and what they would like to see, or what they would like to see less of. ...

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