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Deceptive Advertising

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Create an example of a deceptive advertisement for a product that is well known to everyone. Discuss how this advertisement could cause harm to the public. Determine whether the deceptive advertisement actually contained any false information or whether it simply misled the consumer and explain your answer.

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Example of a deceptive advertisement and how it caused harm to the public. Reference included.

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Weight loss programs such as Nutri/System weight loss clinics (and for promoting the drug phen-Pro), Weight Watchers International, Inc., and Jenny Craig were all proven to have produced and shown deceptive advertising. In their commercials, the models have shown how they look before taking the program and the effects after taking and undergoing the weight loss program. Nutri/System has also promoted the drug phen-Pro and has stated that it is the fastest way to lose weight without having to worry about any health risks even if it has not yet been proven to be safe and effective.

One advertisement showed the sexy football commentator, Jillian Barberie claiming that she lost 41 lbs. because she has undergone the Nutri/System program. However, if one has to look at her picture before she had the weight loss program, one could observe that ...

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