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Qualitive or quantative research

A manufacturer of herbal teas wants to know how often and for what purposes consumers use herbal tea products. Indicate whether qualitative or quantitative research is more appropriate. Also recommend a specific technique and justify your answer

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I think that in a case like this a 2 tiered methodology might be the best route. Let me explain.

We can start off by conducting a mass quantitative methodology, in which we poll hundreds of teas drinkers. The manufacturer can hire a market research firm who can can put together a quantitative survey, in which it is sent out to a large randomly selected population.

One of the first questions will be "Do you drink herbal teas?". If the person says no, then the survey will terminate. If they indicate yes, then they will be brought to the survey.

The survey can ask a multitude of questions in order to gain a general scope of the thoughts and opinions of people who drink Herbal Tea.

They can ask different forms of questions:

- Open ended: When is your favorite time to ...

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Qualitive or quantative research is examined.