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Motivation and Values

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Find a good website that addresses Motivation and Values (Consumer Behavior - Marketing) and write an approximately 500 word document describing the site, its contents, and why you think it adds value.

Please help me with above! I am stuck! I need a good website that describes the above with a max 500 word count on why...

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A great website that discusses Motivation and Values is the site by Derik Mocke on 'Sustainable Employee Motivation' at http://www.sustainable-employee-motivation.com/index.html. It is good because of the following features:

? Content is king and this website has many articles to share about motivation, not only for teams and for leaders' use but also for motivating one's self. The articles talk about motivating one's self, managing stress, emotional intelligence - all these and more help the individuals understand themselves more which is very necessary in starting to motivate them. It also aids the leaders in developing their members through articles that talk about effective leadership and leadership styles, change management, ideas for team building to promote camaraderie and bonding of group members, and understanding about the generation gap.

Aside from these, the author suggests some incentive programs that can help get the employees to work harder and become more productive. For ...

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An example of a website on Motivation and Values (Consumer Behavior-Marketing) which is described in at least 500 words.

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