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Research Objectives - Questionnaire

Based on the following list of research questions, determine the research objective(s) of this questionnaire. Are any of the questions unnecessary; if so, why?

a. How many hours per week do you work, on average?
b. What type of magazines do you read?

c. Do you feel you have enough "free time" away from work?

d. What kind of hobbies do you have?

e. Would you describe yourself as a well-rounded person?

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To determine the research objective, you need to look at all of the questions as a whole, as they connect with each other. Looking at each question in isolation might not give you enough information to formulate a solid objective.

However, each question might give some clues. Let us look at each one individually and then try to connect them to come yo with the overall objective to the questionnaire.

1) This question wants to assess if a person works full time, part time, casual work, or if they are unemployed

2) This question looks at magazines which is primarily a leisure activity. As well, the type of magazine might ...

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