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    Key Strategies and Approahces in Qualitative & Quantitative Research Methodologies

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    Choose 2 research methods to address in more detail. For both methods, describe the following:
    - key strategies or approaches to research that would be used
    - how the inquiry strategy would be accomplished
    - how measurement and analysis would be accomplished
    - Describe how to determine the best method for a research project.

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    Qualitative and quantitative research methods are selected for this paper. Qualitative research method focuses over meaning of realities and interpretations. Qualitative research method refers to the use of picture, words, presentation methods, etc. to address a research problem. In the qualitative research, small group of respondents are targeted by the researcher to attain the objectives of research. In this type of research, various methods such as focus group interview, in-depth interview, review, etc. are used by the researcher to reach at the result of the research (Ponterotto, 2005).

    At the same time, quantitative research emphasizes over the quantitative aspects of the data. Data are analyzed through the use of statistical tools like financial and economic ratio. Additionally, this research method is related with the use of statistic format like, numeric data, figures and statistical models to solve the research problem. To target the large sized group of people, this research method is used. Survey, questionnaire, interview of large group etc. methods are used by the researcher in this type of research (Amaratunga, Baldry, Sarshar & Newton, 2002).

    Key strategies:

    Various key strategies are available that would be used by the researcher to solve the research problem under qualitative and quantitative research. In this, for qualitative research method, case study analysis and literature review analysis would be used as key strategies by the researcher. At the same time, survey and graphical analysis strategy would be used by the researcher to solve the research problem under the quantitative ...

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    The solution is given in essay format with 960 words and 7 references. It talks about how to measure and analyse quantitative and qualitative research as well as how to pick which is best suited to your project.