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    External and Internal Influences - Red Bull

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    Hi! I only need assistance with the Introduction.

    External and Internal Influences Paper

    Write a 250-word paper in which you analyze the impact of external and internal influences on consumer behavior and marketing strategies. Address the following in your analysis:

    *The selected organization/product is Red Bull Drink

    *Introduction - The Introduction must be 250 words
    Resources: University Library, Internet

    *Please use and provide all necessary references
    Thank you!

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    While I can't write the paper for you, I can provide you with info you need!

    To begin with, we can go over the internal factors. These include:

    1) Knowledge. This is the extent to which your customers are aware of your product in the market place. Without knowledge, people will have no urge to purchase the product. It also encompasses how much people understand the features, competitive advantages and benefits of your product.

    In this case, knowledge of Red Bull would include all of it's features
    - increases performance
    - increases concentration and reaction speed
    - improves vigilance
    - improves the emotional status
    - stimulates metabolism

    As well as the fact that it is has been scientifically proven to be effective at increasing performance and concentration.

    - Marketing strategies: If you conduct market research, you need to make sure that your customers are firstly aware of Red Bull. If they are you, you need to understand if they in fact know the features and benefits of Red Bull. If their knowledge is lacking, then perhaps this info needs to be further communicated to consumers, perhaps by including the key message of ...

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    External and internal influences for Red Bull are examined.