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Shaping the Market Offerings

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What are the attributes and benefits of your product/service? (Red Bull) How do they relate to your target market?

Red Bull is an energy drink that delivers on what it says and its promises. The combination of taurine, caffeine, and B vitamins creates a combination that enhances both focus and physical performance. The company has information on its website about the various improvements when drinking Red Bull. These include better cycling performance, improved focus and brain function, improved driving among other proof. Amino acids, glucose, sucrose, and vitamins all help improve the function of mind and body, which also improves the spirit, while providing the added kick people want or need in their lives.

The product also comes in various including Sugarfree developed for "times of intense exertion." ( Also, Red Bull comes in a zero carbs, calories, sugar for those who need the functional benefits without the carb/calories/sugar. The combined product line means that people who want and need to be mentally and physically focused and active have different ways to achieve this.

The target market for Red Bull is athletes and others who must function at their highest levels at all times. The products and their ingredients are designed to do this and do it consistently. This group has also led users of other types such as drivers, kids who need to study, and people who just need to be energized. The ingredients are naturally occurring in the diet and only the highest quality, formulated for the person drinking the product, who wants to feel safe in using it regularly. When performance and focus matter, people will find this the perfect drink.

How can your firm use packaging and labeling to support its brand image? (Red Bull)

The current packaging with the two bulls and the slim can are excellent choices. They stand out in the drink aisle. The use of the rim of the can to post information about the product is subtle, but in the case of zero and sugarfree may be too subtle. Under energy drink the label needs to have the appropriate type. Use of the blue/gray, gray, and Blue and gray is good, and the overall design means people can see it. The packaging, especially when bought in four packs, should make the same color schemes available. Once people recognize the branding of the two bulls, they next look to see what type. The color schemes are clever. The backgrounds are subtle, leaving the Red Bull and bulls, plus the type of drink to stand out and draw in the customer. The different special drinks, now on the market, diverge from this theme and still use the bull, just in a different way. This can cause people to overlook the product. The Red Bull can is the same size and style, but the overall look is different, and can create confusion as people attempt to find it. If they are not looking for it, it can be totally overlooked. The addition of red to the color scheme is also different. While the colors are meant to represent the fruit flavors, I am unclear about the silver color used for the lime flavor.

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What are the attributes and benefits of your product/service? (Red Bull) How do they relate to your target market?
Red Bull markets its product as an energy drink and promotes its primary attributes to its consumers as being a beverage that can have several positive benefits upon consumption, to include; an enhancement to ones overall mood, increased state of energy, and an overall sense of well being. Red Bull's primary advertisement slogan is that the product "gives you wings" (Mortimer, 2012).
The key to these benefits and attributes lies in Red Bulls proprietary mixture of ingredients which includes a combination of amino acids, glucose, sucrose and multiple vitamins, along with the energy enhancing effects of the core key ingredients, taurine, caffeine, and vitamin B. These natural supplements work together to enhance the focus and overall physical performance of consumers who drink Red Bull before, during, or even after physically draining activities (Mets, 2011).
Red Bulls target market is the generation Y types between the ages of 18-30 who enjoy ...

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