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Write a market overview: Market is Body Shaping (example: http://www.suddenlyslender.com/). Need to understand industry trends and future outlook for body shaping services. Need this for insertion into a business plan. Purchasing a Suddenly Slender Franchise.

Need 3-4 references, some I quickly Googled and some I found are below, but need your help in identifying more as needed.





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The future outlook and industry trends for a market are examined. The expert determines if they should purchase a slender franchise.The response addresses the queries posted in 829 words with references.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 829 words with references.

//In order to view the future outlook and industry trends, it is essential to do the market overview of the related market. In this relation, the given paper comprises of the market overview of the Suddenly Slender Company. This analysis of the future outlook and industry trends would be used into the business plan of a franchise of the Suddenly Slender. In this series, the basic introduction of Suddenly Slender is given under the same heading.//

About Suddenly Slender:

Suddenly slender is a well popular and renowned company which deals in the body wrapping activities. In this field, the company has its specialization. The company mainly provides wraps to the customers. The body wrap products of the company are helpful to tighten the skin and also helpful to weight loss. The body wraps are made by the company to do dehydration in the body and thus, help in the weight loss through reducing water (Garvin, 2010).

//After having a brief introduction of the company, in the next section of the discussion paper overview of the entire market of body wrap is done in order to evaluate the future outlook of the industry and its trends, so that the franchise of Suddenly Slender can use this information in its business plan.//

Future Outlook and Industry Trends:

The beauty industry is an industry which is highly resistant to recession. In this industry, the ...

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