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Customer Loyalty, Consumer Behavior and Cult Creation

How might customer loyalty be created? How might consumer behavior cause a need for changes to the sales plan? How might cult creation affect a sale plan?

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Today's smart companies do not see themselves as selling products; they see themselves as creating profitable customers. They not only want to create customers, they want to "own" them for life. This does not mean the customer wants to be owned. In fact, he or she wants to keep their options open. Nevertheless, the marketer wants to own the customer, to "loyalize" him.

It goes further. The marketer wants to increase his share of the customers business constantly. He wants not only to be the sole supplier of a particular product but supply more of whatever the customers buy. That is known as pursuing share of customer. Bank, for example, want to increase their share of the customer's "wallet". Supermarkets want to increase their share of the customers "stomach". For example, Harley Davidson has created a cult like environment where they not only sale motorcycles, but leather jackets, sunglasses, shaving cream, Harley Beer, Harley cigarettes and even a restaurant.

That is also the aim of affinity marketing. A company will target a group such as dentists or beauticians and try to sell them an array of goods and services that will meet their needs. The members of such a group have common problems, needs and lifestyles. The company can sell them ...

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This solution discusses how to create customer loyalty, and how consumer behavior and cult creation might cause a need for changes to a sales plan.