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Roles and Functions of Marketing in Hospitality Organizations

Describe the roles and functions of marketing in a hospitality organization.
Provide specific examples of how it can support a successful hospitality organization.

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Marketing is a continuous process and has to be given enough attention so that the company can achieve sustainable advantage. The role of management in marketing is crucial to the company's success and attainment of their goals and objectives. There is a need for management to constantly gather and act on feedback to be used for the revision of strategic plans.

A successful hospitality marketing program requires a significant amount of management time and effort. The three major stages of marketing management in the hospitality industry with their general functions are as follows:

- Marketing planning - The company starts by reflecting on their present standing and where they are compared to their competitors. To determine its strengths and weaknesses, a situation analysis can be performed wherein historical data is analyzed in terms of the market and the competition. It is also important to conduct environment scanning for possible threats and opportunities. The company also needs to know where it wants to go and what it wants to become. Here, it sets its goals and objectives for future operations. The company formulates its vision, mission, goals and objectives clearly, concisely, and makes sure that they are measurable over a specific period of time. There is a need to have a companywide education and training on these goals and objectives and the direction of the company. They are also used to evaluate the performance of the employees. The goals and objectives are ...

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The roles and functions of marketing in a hospitality organization. References are included.