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Starbucks: Segmentation Criteria & Competitive Landscape

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Starbucks Company would like to introduce coffee ice cream

Describe segmentation criteria Starbucks would use, analyze their current competitors, and define their competitive landscape.

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This solution provides a segmentation criteria and a competitive landscape.

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This is an interesting concept. First, let us look at the attributes of this product:

Coffee is loved by millions of people. So is ice cream. Having a creamy delicious coffee ice cream would be a good product offering for Starbucks. Starbucks is in fact one of world leaders of coffee - they could transition their expertise in the coffee field to ice cream.

We have already seen Starbucks venture into other coffee products such as an alcoholic beverage (http://starbucksalcohol.com/). Coffee ice cream is a product that can be considered a sophisticated, and might not appeal to all segments of the population. For example, ice cream is often seen as a treat for children, but parents will not be serving coffee ice cream to their children. On the flip side, teenagers are notorious for enjoying whipped cream-doused frappuccinos (http://starbucksgossip.typepad.com/_/2004/09/what_are_teenag.html) - ice cream might be a product that would peak similar interests.`

As well, people frequent Starbucks all day long. In the morning, people are in a rush and grab their morning coffee with a muffin. In the evening, people linger at a ...

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