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Delivery Service at one Starbucks as a test store

We are proposing a delivery service at one store located within the financial district of San Francisco. The selected store is struggling to make a profit each month. I need input as to suggested attributes to this type of service as well as identifying positioning and differentiation strategies.

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This is an interesting concept. First, let us look at the attributes of this product:

- Time: If you have no time to get a coffee, you can order a coffee from this Starbucks. Often, when you go in line at Starbucks, there is often a very long line up, and people are ordering complicate drinks, so there could be a long wait. If you want coffee, you can call in advance, and have your favorite drink delivered to your office in a timely period
- Convenience: If you are stuck at your office waiting for a phone call, or finalizing a report and you are too busy to get coffee, you can call and have the drink delivered to your office
- Selection: Starbucks has a lot of different coffee and food options, so if you want lunch and a drink, you can have it delivered.

So based on these attributes, you can come up with segmentation criteria to see who would be interested in delivery product

Well-off individuals: Let us break down this starbucks concept. To begin with, ...

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The solution examines delivery service at one Starbucks as a test store.