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Companies with Good and Bad Service

1.: Using online research sources such as Google, research the customer relations/customer service reputations of two (2 - no more, no less) companies of your choice.

2. Supporting Research: Choose one company with an excellent customer service reputation, and one with a poor (or less than perfect) customer service reputation. Compare and contrast the customer service reputations of these two companies. Your paper should address the following questions.

a. What is the company with good customer relations doing right?
b. What is the company with poor customer relations doing wrong?
c. What are the results of the actions of the companies? For instance, financial, public relations, or employee issues?
d. What specific, actionable recommendations would you give for improving customer satisfaction for each company?

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2. As you choose one company with an excellent customer service reputation, Starbucks is constantly praised for good customer relations. Besides a friendly, accommodating, efficient staff, research also shows that one example shows this customer-centered focus as a "Disgruntled Starbucks customer Jason called in to the company's corporate offices after a mixup with a New Jersey branch's barista. Instead of simply giving him a refund, the customer service representative told Jason that they needed to "make him whole, and give him an experience nothing short of fantastic." They promptly filled his rewards card with $50 of store credit" (http://www.openforum.com/idea-hub/topics/managing/article/10-examples-of-shockingly-excellent-customer-service-1).

Policy formation is another reason why Starbucks receives strong customer service ratings. ...

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Companies with good and bad customer service are presented. Research also validates these claims.