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    Sources of bad ideas different from sources for good ideas

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    After looking at these articles, answer the following questions:

    a) How are the sources of "bad" ideas different from sources of "good" ideas?

    b) What make a bad idea? How does this compare to a good idea?

    c) What are the characteristic of good opportunities?

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    a. The differences between bad and good ideas are influenced by timing and consumer demand. Many companies fail to consider the regional differences in markets. A product that may be in demand in one region is not necessarily in demand in another. This is the mistake David Peterson made, when trying to market energy saving light bulbs in Nebraska that were a huge hit in California. Peterson did not take into consideration, the vast differences in energy costs, from one region to another. The costs were less than half in Nebraska, which made the bulbs ineffective. In addition, there were few ...

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    The sources of bad ideas different from sources for good ideas are determined.