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Steps to Writing a Research Paper

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Explain the steps used in writing a research paper.
Included here are the steps for writing a research paper.

Finding a researchable subject and question.
Setting goals for sources.
Finding print and electronic sources, and making a working, annotated bibliography.
Evaluating and synthesizing sources.
Gathering information from sources, often using summary, paraphrase, and direct quotation.
Taking steps to avoid plagiarism.
Developing a thesis statement and creating a structure.
Drafting the paper, integrating summaries, paraphrases, and direct quotations into your ideas.
Revising and editing the paper.
Citing sources in your text.
Preparing the list of works cited or references.
Preparing the final manuscript.

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Writing a good research paper.

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Finding a researchable subject and question.-Be sure you choose a subject that either has been researched, or that can be researched. This means the subject has to be something that can give you a lot to talk about. Do not choose something that no one knows anything about or that you can find no information on, or that you can't say too much about.

Setting goals for sources.-Decide what types of sources you will be using as references to support your subject. For example, will you be using the library, the Internet, other books, etc..

Finding print and electronic sources, and making a working, annotated bibliography. Once you have decided on what sources you will be using as references, be sure that you make a list of all of those sources in order on a separate page. This will be your reference page.

Evaluating and synthesizing sources.-Read your sources thoroughly to make sure that they are relevant to your subject. Your sources must ...

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