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Inneffective leadership essay ideas

I need to write an essay regarding challenges of ineffective leadership. Can you suggest a way for me how to get this topic going?

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To get started, I suggest that you brainstorm for ideas that you already know. Write down everything you can possibly think of on this topic in about five minutes or less. Then, rank your ideas - throw out bad ones, and add any new ones that crop up while you are sorting them into order of importance. Then, conduct a search on Google to see what other ideas you can find. When I searched using the keywords "inneffective leadership," Google suggested the following subheadings, each with their own hits - traits, styles, qualities, skills, quotes and characteristics. Choosing charcteristics, Google returned 822,000 hits on that sub-word alone. Briefly look through some of these articles and sites to glean from them other ideas, and references to use for your paper.

To cite APA (6th edition) references from the Web:
(hanging indent) Author last name, initial. initial. (date of publication, month, year). Italicize title of article or site. Retrieved from web site URL (underline and blue font, or enable hyperlink).

If you browse articles just from Google (only one of many available search engines you could search) using the suggested six sub-words along with "inneffective ...

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Discussion of essay starting ideas on the topic of inneffective leadership, with reference suggestions. searching suggestions and instructions for actually writing the essay. Do's and don'ts for essay writing.