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    Arlene Blum's Expedition into Leadership

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    I need assistance with evaluating this short story. I need to present the facts of the case, the decisions facing the leader, and the actions that were taken in 2 and half pages.

    I have already come up with a general outline, I just need assistance with putting the summary together.

    Attached you can find the short story labled arlene blum, and my outline labeled "outline" I had to save some of the document as seperate files because it was too big!

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    First, you have done a good job of planning what will be in your summary essay in making out the outline that you enclosed in the posting. You zeroed in on the decisions facing Arlene, and the consequences of the decisions she made. Since the short story of the mountain-climbing expedition parallels these experiences with leadership skills, I suggest that you stick with that format, and tie what you say to its implications for business-oriented leadership.

    Your posting makes no mention of the formatting protocol that you are supposed to use in this class for this essay. Your posting specifies a two and a half page paper, but does not specify single or double spacing, which makes quite a difference in word count. Since APA specifies double-spacing for all papers, the suggestions I have made in the attached sample document are double-spaced to comply with that protocol.

    First, I suggest that you begin your essay with an introductory paragraph which will "introduce" your reader to the topic of your summary, namely Arlene's expedition not only to the mountain, but her expedition into leadership.

    Next, give a brief factual summary of the expedition, illuminating each step with a description of Arlene's leadership challenges and decisions, and the consequences of those decisions. Tie these to the broader world of leadership that occurs in less physically demanding places, such as the corporate office. Work your way through the entire expedition.

    Finally, close your essay with a strong concluding paragraph that "sums up" what you have been saying about leadership all along, as it applies to Arlene Blum and as it applies to the broader world of business leadership.

    Read over the attached suggestions, and augment them with content of your own. Refer to your outline for ideas you singled out to ...

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    Analysis of leadership decisions by Arlene Blum, female mountaineering expedition leader.