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    Non-linear programming problem find minimum profit using excel

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    The personel director of a company that recently absorebd another firm and is now downsizing and must relocate five information specialist from recently closed locations . Unfortunately, there are only three positiins available for five people. Salaries are fairly uniform among this group ( those with higher pay were already given the opportunites to begin anew). Moving expenses will be used as the means of determining who will be sent there. Estimated moving expenses are

    Analyst gary salt lake city Fresno

    ARLENE $8500 $6000 $5000

    BOBBY $5000 $8000 $12000

    CHARLENE $4000 $14000 $ 17000

    DOUGLAS $4000 $8000 $13000

    EMORY $7000 $3500 $4500

    Model this as an integer optimization model to minimize cost and determine which analysts to relocate to the three locations

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    Let Xij be ith analyst assigened to jth location.

    We want to minimize Z= such ...

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