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Failsafe Electronics Corporation: LPP Sensitivity

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Solve this problem with one both a one-way solverTable and one two-way solverTable.
Failsafe Electronics Corporation manufactures four products. Each of the products must pass through the following departments: wiring, drilling, assembly, and inspection. Time requirements in each department (in hours) for each unit produced and unit profit are summarized in the table below:

Product Wiring Drilling Assembly Inspection Unit Profit
XJ201 0.5 3 2 0.5 $9.00
XM897 1.5 0.5 4 1.0 $12.00
TR29 1.5 1 1 0.5 $15.00
BR788 1.0 2 2 0.5 $11.00

Failsafe must produce at least the following:

Product Minimum Production
XJ201 150
XM897 100
TR29 300
BR788 400

Production time available each month are as follows (in hours):

Department Capacity (in hours)
Wining 1,500
Drilling 2,350
Assembly 2,600
Inspection 1,200

?X Find the monthly production plan that maximizes profit. Non-integer answers are acceptable for planning purposes.
?X Create at least one one-way SolverTable and one two-way SolverTable. You will need to analyze the solution to determine which variables to use in these tables. There are not right or wrong variables to choose but you will want to vary things that give you insight to the problem and your recommendation.

Hint: The maximum profit of the optimal solution is $16,400.

Maximum Profit = $16,400
Include at least 1 one-way and 1 two-way SolverTable

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This posting contains solution to following LPP problem of Failsafe Electronics Corporation using excel solver and solver table.

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