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Leadership ideas from Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition

Choose two leadership concepts (Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition - starting page 5) from the Harvard Business Review article and describe briefly.

Article : http://ceo.usc.edu/pdf/Shackleton-Leadership_in_Crisis.pdf

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There are a substantial number of leadership concepts that we can get after reading Nancy Koehn's "Leadership in Crisis: Ernest Shackleton and the Epic Voyage of the Endurance".

Earnest Shackleton epitomizes a true leader that we need in today's world.

I will mention two important leadership concepts culled from the Shackleton's story.

First, for leadership to flourish, leaders need to have DEDICATION. In the case of Shackleton, dedication drive him to achieve greatness. We can apply dedication, as exemplified by Shackleton, to add more fuel or organizations' mission and vision. It is dedication that drives leaders to find something new, to explore the unexplored.

The second is HUMILITY. Leaders with humility recognize that , at some point, they are at par with subordinates. Famous personalities would agree that "a humble leader is not self-effacing but rather tries to elevate everyone".

The leadership concept of humility is shown in Shackleton. Consider this line in the readings, "Despite rapid advancement, Shackleton developed a reputation for not flaunting his rank over the regular sailors. One of them later wrote an admiring description, saying he was a 'departure from our usual type of young officer, he never stood aloof in any way, but ...

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This solution identifies leadership qualities that leaders in organization can learn and apply in the management of business venture based on Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition.