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    The Legal and Ethical Implications of Management Practices

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    You are in a manager's meeting talking about hiring. One of the managers says that he wants to hire an older person because he thinks an older person will do a better job. In addition, he wants someone from an affluent, primarily Caucasian area. You need to explain to him that his request could lead down a trail of being noncompliant with the federal laws. In addition, you want to express that diversity is good practice that leads to a rich workforce and, typically, leads companies to expand into diverse markets.

    Use the Library, Internet, and other resources to research your response.

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    In order to address those issues with the manager, I would explain to him the nature of his decision, as well as the consequences this can bring to the organization. I would tell him that:

    1. Management practices that challenge the status quo and encourage employees to better serve their organizations often include creative and innovative ideas. In turn, these result in more committed and motivated employees. There are a variety of management perspectives that can allow a company to effectively deal with ...

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    Management practices must be in line with the laws as well as ethics in order to be effective. The solution below offers an examination of this issue.