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MARTA: Internal and External Drivers of Innovation

I need help on how innovation and creativity support Marta's transportation goals and objectives. Identify the internal and external drivers of innovation.

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As per the company's itinerary from www.itsmarta.com (2009), MARTA's Goals and Objectives are to:

? Improve mobility, access and reliability for personal travel within the Beltline Corridor.
? Contribute to a seamless, integrated regional multimodal transportation network that fully utilizes the capacity of the MARTA rail system, the existing bus systems and the existing roadway network.
? Provide a bicycle and pedestrian friendly transit environment.
? Promote seamless intermodal connectivity, increase community access to the existing rail rapid transit network and support the development of a continuous urban fabric through the core of the Atlanta Region.
? Provide compatible transportation solutions that support ARC's Regional Development Plan (RDP) by connecting existing neighborhoods and facilitating emerging trends towards mixed-use redevelopment.
? Support local and regional land use development policies and plans, such as the New Century Economic ...

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This solution discusses the internal and external drivers of innovation for MARTA transportation based in Atlanta, Georgia.