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Differences in International Marketing

1. What kinds of information are needed to enable marketing managers to select foreign markets?

2. Compared to a developed country like the U.S. or Germany, what is different about marketing in a less developed country? What is the same?

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1) I believe that there are several factors that need to be established before you expand into a foreign market. Firstly and most importantly, is there a demand for your product. Different products are consumed by different cultures - perhaps your market has no need or want for your product. Or, perhaps a local competitor to your product is already well established, and people will remain loyal to the local product to support their economy. For example, you might be selling a new soda to Ukraine. You need to do your research to make sure that people there actually enjoy soda, since they might have a different palate then the local population. As well, if you find out that they do enjoy soda, you need to then determine if they will remain loyal to their local brand of soda, or would they be ...

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The differences in international marketing is examined/ The kinds of information needed to enable marketing managers to select foreign markets are given.