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I need your help to fnish my paper, I hope you can assist. The following question are the subject of part of my paper. I have created a new product never sold on the market before distribution and marketing is done with Wrigley's. Below is some relevent information to respond to the questions;

(A). a new product manufactured and distributed by Wrigley's Company and a marketing strategy that will make the Weightless Wonder Wafer a marketing success. "Weightless Wonders Wafers." (resembing a Listerine Breath strip) These wafers come in three flavors: chocolate for the sweet tooth (comes in milk or dark chocolate), spearmint to keep the breath fresh and to give that tingling feeling in your mouth, and strawberry for that sweet, fruity taste.

(B)Each wafer is packaged in a convenient, easy to carry case, with a 30 day supply of three -by -four strips to each container. Wonder Wafer mission statement is "Freedom from Fat Forever." The wafer will cause the stomach to shrink, leaving the consumer to a significantly decreased appetite. No need for surgery, diets, or extreme exercise. This product will lead to a lifestyle change, right before one's eyes.

(C)The Company always encourages people to consult their doctor of choice when starting any diet. Our plan also encourages people to change their lifestyle by eating healthier foods. The Comany mission is to help a country become healthier, happier, and live longer.

The "Weightless Wonders Wafer" campaign will distribute through the extended success of the Wrigley's Company making Wrigley's not only known for their other products (candy and mints), but also known as helping American's with their weight loss. Wrigley has to make sure that when marketing the wafers, they market to the right targeted market.


1. Develop an initial sales promotion schedule.

2.Analyze the impact of channel management decisions on the marketing or your selected product or service. Select appropriate distribution channels for your product or service and address costs in terms of placement, shipping, and middlemen.

3. Identify the appropriate place and promotional strategy that should be used in the development of the strategic marketing plan. What research techniques will be used besides competitive?

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The response address the queries posted in 664 words with references.

//In the present scenario, every Company faces a cut throat competition. So, it has to make good and appropriate strategies to fight the competition. Before launching a new product in the market, the Company should make good promotional strategies for attracting the customers. So, here we will discuss about 'Promotional Strategies' for a new product.//


Initial promotion schedule is mentioned below as:

First week: Firstly, the company should target its customer segment; in which the firm will sell its product. Company should give advertisement in new papers and on T.V. also (Gelardi, 1999).

Second week: Secondly, some customers know about the product. Now, the company should make a good distribution plan and assure the customers that the product will be sold at all the retail stores. Product should be made available at all the stores.

Third week: In this week, the corporation should start some promotional schemes for the end users, as well as, the distributors and retailers also. The promotional schemes for end users are called the 'pull strategies' and ...

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The response address the queries posted in 664 words with references.