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Staple Inc Analysis

1.Identify the strengths and weaknesses of Staples, Inc. before the arrival of Ronald Sargent. In addition, identify the threats and opportunities this organization was facing.

Need to identify 10 points, use point form with very explicit statements.

2.Staples, Inc. runs a multichannel distribution system that includes stores, catalogues, a Web site, and a field sales force. List a total of seven pros and cons of this system.

Need 7 points in total, use point form with very explicit statements.

3.What is the added value of offering FleetBoston business chequing accounts in Staples stores? Would you be optimistic about this experiment? Explain your answer

4.What are the advantages of having more stores in the same market areas compared to opening new stores in new market areas?

Divide your answer into sections, one for each alternative.

5.One of the strategic goals Sargent wants to achieve is to maximize the profitability of Staples. Therefore, what type of sales-performance-based incentives would you advise, so that the different Staples channel managers avoid conflicts between managers in the same market area?


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This solution analyzes the Staple Inc. case study and identifies strengths, weaknesses, pros and cons of the system, added value of chequing accounts, and other concepts.