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Negotiating an International Partnership

I have recently negotiated a partnership with a company from Japan that has a successful sauce that is used quite extensively in the preparation of fresh foods and also as a sauce for cooked meats. This sauce is also very popular on QVC Japan. The owner wants to market it to fast food chains in the United States. First, determine the best value chain for this product from Japan to potential consumers in the United States. Then, recommend a distribution strategy to your Japanese partner that would be in the best interest of the consumer and your companies. Please take into account current events in the U.S. in regards to fast foods and fresh foods.

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The proposed sauce could be very successful if several things were to happen. First, as far as value chain goes, packaging in appropriate sizes and ease of use packages for the different restaurants would be helpful. This would affect your production areas as you would need to determine if the sauce should be in customer ...

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