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I am to write a paper involving principles, examples, applications and Accounting for Management techniques. The paper will need to include sources and situational examples of how Accounting for Management decisions will or can be applied to a business or industry. I was thinking about doing it on outsourcing?? Can you help me come up with some ideas?? What type of sources to look for and what information the instructor will be looking for on the paper?

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In simple terms outsourcing refers to subcontracting a process. This process may be designing or manufacturing. It also means to get goods and services from an outside supplier. Presently, outsourcing means the organization contracts with another organization to provide services that might otherwise be done by in-house employees. For example, a company might wish to outsource its payroll services, call center services or accounting services. Te decisions that management would like to make in this regard is the extent to which the company that is outsourcing saves money. The companies that provide outsourcing services are able to do work for far lower charges. Moreover, outsourcing allows companies to reduce their fixed overhead expenses and focus on their core business issues. Accounting can help management make decision regarding the cost savings, the exact overheads that may be eliminated and the increase in profitability because ...

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