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Offensive marketing advertisement and example.

Marketing campaigns sometimes miss the mark. Nivea launched a campaign featuring an African American male that went viral and the company was forced to issue an apology. Fleet Laboratories was forced to do the same when an ad campaign targeting different female segments offended women across the board. Has a marketing campaign e

McDonald's Expansion and Successful Marketing: Rapid International Growth

On the subject of product expansion/development and companies that have been extremely successful, what about McDonald's. McDonald's and other companies are taking advantage of the rapid growth in China and other countries. Japan has a high number because most things in highly populated areas of Japan are very high paced -simila

Automotive Industry Product Marketing

You invented a product (Traffic Jamz) that can be used in the automotive industry but is for entertainment purposes. Who would you market this product to and what segments would you saturate with advertising for this product with your company?

Advertising Approaches

1. This week the common approaches to advertising execution were discussed. Go to YouTube and review some ads that demonstrate any three of the seven different types of media identified, watching for examples of the different execution approaches. Post the links and comment as to which ads do you think were the most effective? W

Marketing Analysis of QuickBooks Software

QuickBooks Software is the product selected for questions. 1) Identify the type of product/service (convenience, shopping, specialty, unsought), and explain what marketing considerations need to be made for your product/service based on this product classification. 2) Determine the most important decisions you will make

Amex Travel

Companies who use Amex Travel get 24/7 access to customer service, guaranteed low rates, and many times they get rebates from the companies they book with just for using Amex. i.e. Hilton and Delta give 3-5% back just for using Amex! This doesn't include the incentive Amex gives. How does this play into marketing and branding?

British's No-Frills Airline Business Environment

Easyjet, British's no-frills airline Easyjet, British's no-frills airline is officially opened for business and is set to make its maiden flight out of London on 26 June 2009. The no-frills airline, a wholly-owned subsidiary easyJet Airline Company Limited of GB Airways Limited ("GB Airways"), has started accepting bookings

Defensive marketing practices

Customer satisfaction can best be achieved by following defensive marketing practices. Do you agree or disagree and why?

Disney's connection with consumers

What does Disney do best to connect with its core consumers and what are the risks and benefits of expanding the Disney brand in new ways?

Anaylsis of Annual Report & a Sample Marketing Plan

Part One: The Coca-Cola Company uses an EVA approach to performance measure what it calls economic profit. Go to Coca-Cola's website (http://us.coca-cola.com) and view the 2007 Annual Report on Form 10-K ( http://www.coca-colacompany.com/investors/2007-annual-report-on-form-10-k). Discuss the level of detail provided by the com

Kudler Fine Foods Olive Oil

Develop channel and pricing strategies for olives launch, include both domestic and international markets. Justify olives (product) of international market. The justification should employ specific data from research conducted. The country is Spain. - What is the sustainability of the market? - What are the factors that i

Why Companies Are Expanding Internationally

I am having a hard time explaining why so many companies are choosing to expand internationally? Also, are there advantages of expanding beyond the domestic market? Please explain. Thank you!

Marketing: Customer Needs

The marketing concept focuses on the ability of marketing to satisfy customer needs. As a college student, how does marketing satisfy your needs? What areas of life are affected by marketing? What areas of your life (if any) are not affected by marketing?

Case Study: Tchibo

Please refer to the attached file for the case study. 1.What do you think are Tchibo's intentions with Tchibo ideas? 2.Is Tchibo Ideas a platform that can generate products that will really support performance or will the products mainly sell to a niche? 3.Should Tchibo also use the information and discussions on the plat

Decisions in Marketing and Strategic Marketing Audits

Please help developing a response to the following: Should research always cover both categories and research orientations (quantitative and qualitative) to assure balance of decisions in marketing? What actions would you take as a senior marketing manager member to assure that strategic marketing audits were implemented c

Mcoupons: Marketing to Mobile Devices

In an effort to better connect with younger consumers, McDonald's restaurants from southern California are enticing customers through their mobile phones, offering mobile coupons for free McFlurry. Under the promotion, customer's text the message "McFlurry" to a five-digit short code promotional phone line. An electronic coupo

Tricomponent attitude model

Hello, I am having difficulty explaining a person's attitude toward Disney World using the Tricomponent attitude model. Thank you!

Impact of Changing Roles and Lifestyles of Women

Please help answer the following marketing-related question. Include a least one reference in the solution. There have been quite a few social changes in the U.S. in the last decade, including the changing roles and lifestyles of women and changing of family structure. What impacts have these changes, and others, had on mark

Marketing Report on DVD Rental Services

Please provide assistance with the following: Help with ideas for a report on DVD rental services that are on the market today but are declining in appeal to consumers - this product should be marked for "obsolescence". Discuss this product or service in terms of its current target market demographics using US census da

Determining Television Audience Sizes

Have you ever been disappointed because a television network cancelled one of your favourite television shows because of "low ratings"? The network didn't ask your opinion, did it? It probably didn't ask any of your friends, either. That's because estimates of television audience sizes are based on research done by the Nielsen C

Coca-Cola: Selecting Licensees for Companies

Coca-Cola is sold worldwide. In some countries, Coca-Cola owns the bottling facilities; in others, it has signed contracts with the licensees or it relies on joint ventures. When selecting a licensee in each country, what factors should Coca-Cola consider?

A Detailed Promotional Method or Concept

Choose one organization & it's product, and provide detail about the promotional method/concept. 1. Analyze a promotional concept your organization has used in the past or, alternatively, think of a concept you believe your organization should implement. --> Choose one organisation (a big company) and product of it. eg: Aud

Marketing Environment Variables for Early Trend Identification

I work for an automobile dealership that sells a complete line of vehicles, from full-size pickups and luxury sport-utility vehicles (SUVs) to economy cars and hybrids. After analyzing the recent changes in consumers' buying habits, my boss wants me to create a marketing information system for the dealership. The system should

Marketing Plan preparation for Wal-Mart

Selected Firm - Wal-Mart The first component is a fairly detailed, one-page rationale on why you want this firm to be the focus. This is important so as to understand what personal interest and/or connection you have with the firm or the industry. The second component is a one-page description of the firm. This will likel

Public Relations and News Releases

Please help answer each question in 125 words per question. Q 1. What are common purposes of news releases? Should a news-release writer try to infuse his or her editorial opinion into the news release? Why or why not? Q 2. Discuss how public relations, as well as publicity, can have a greater effect on the consumer than

Crocs Company in Brazil: Consumer Behavior Analysis

Conduct a situation analysis for Crocs. I. Product Statement Describe the company/organization Provide a brief background of the organization Describe charge you have for this marketing plan Provide a brief overview of what issue you are studying, and how a marketing perspective can help address the issue. II.

Case Study "Scion's Quest to Crack Gen Y"

Please see the attachment. 1. Summarize the key facts of the case. 2. Discuss how income, social class, and age interact in Toyota's marketing strategy. How do income and social class affect age as a means of segmentation for the Scion? 3. Select another vehicle that you believe is marketed based on the age of potentia