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    Staying Alive in a Dead Holiday Season

    Case One: Staying Alive in a Dead Holiday Season For many retailers, fiscal success boils down to one and only one period of the year—the Christmas selling season. And for the overwhelming majority of U.S. retailers, 2008 was a terrible year. Sure, some retailers did okay, but these few companies tended to be discounters and

    ethical marketing issues

    The case study "The Dark Side of Harry Potter's Magic"; what are the marketing ethical issues in this case?

    Does marketing create or satify needs?

    Consider the statements "Marketing shapes consumer needs and wants" and "Marketing merely reflects the needs and wants of consumers." Take a stand and justify one statement, supporting it with examples.


    Select and evaluate at least three ads for products that represent all three stages of the product life cycle. Support your evaluation with an assessment of why you think the products fits in these stages.

    Promotion strategies in different industries

    Promotion is one variable of the marketing mix. Sellers communicate information about their products and services in order to influence customers' attitudes and behaviors. Select one industry from the list below, and conduct research about strategies that companies in the industry use to promote their products or services. In

    Marketing Goods and Services

    Propose probable solutions that will be included in a marketing plan that will answer three common concerns that parents may have when weighing the Montessori Private School as an option. Determine how success in the Wild Oats Organic product line impacts its other product lines, such as the Wild Oats Natural line.

    Deceptive marketing practices

    I have just read through the article referenced below and I need a second opinion on what deceptive marketing practices can be come across in todays businesses? Are they price, promotion, product, or packaging based? Reference http://search.ebscohost.com.ezproxy.liv.ac.uk/login.aspx?direct=true&db=bth&AN=14444562&site=eds

    JC Penny Marketing Plan

    Discuss the problems that JC Penny experienced over the Christmas season with their marketing plan. You should discuss how the CEO was involved in this decision making process. Please also discuss any recommendations that you might have for this well-known brand named store.

    Marketing plan for the V Fusion + Energy product line

    Finalize your marketing plan for the V Fusion + Energy product line. Complete the following for your marketing plan: - Outline your product, branding, and packaging strategy. How will you differentiate yourself against the competition? State how the firm may expand upon its product line in the future. - Develop your distr

    Advertising Effectiveness

    Select an advertising campaign you enjoyed and analyze it. Provide links for your classmates so they can view the campaign. Create a 300-400-word response and state why the campaign attracted your attention. Be sure to include the answers to the following questions in your response: - Did it create a desire for the product ad

    When and how to implementing Harvesting or divested strategies

    While we have seen that a business may have a number of other strategic options, the conventional wisdom suggests that a declining business should either be divested or harvested for maximum cash flow. Under what kinds of market and competitive conditions do these two conventional strategies make good sense? What kind of marketi

    Disney Brand Loyalty

    Disney places a great deal of importance on customer loyalty. Explain why customer loyalty is so important to the corporation, then list and explain the strategies that Disney takes to ensure customer loyalty.

    International Marketing Environment

    In determining a nation's market potential, what kind of products are most likely to be influenced by economic circumstances and what kind of products are more affected by cultural influences?

    Strategic Sports Marketing Process

    Discuss how being the quarterback of a football team is similar to being a marketer who is responsible for implementing and controlling the strategic sports marketing process. Find examples of three non-sports organizations that advertise on ESPN's Web site (www.espn.com). How might these companies evaluate the effectiveness

    Ambush Marketing

    1. Define and give an example of ambush marketing. Why is ambush marketing such a threat to legitimate sponsors? What defense would you take against ambush marketing tactics as a sports marketer? 2. Provide examples of how technology has increased the ticket prices of professional sporting events. Support your examples from a

    Nike Sports Advertising in the UK

    Explain how the topic is influenced by a epistemological perspective, such as research on target market and how advertising directs them in their choices to buy Nike instead of a competitor.

    Double-barrelled question

    1. Develop three double-barrelled questions related to flying and passengers' airline preferences. Explain why you should avoid these questions. Also develop corrected versions of each question. 2. How do the nature and degree of verbal description affect the response to itemized rating scales? Provide a detailed example to i

    Marketing Techniques: Commercialization

    In the 1990s, responding to concerns that cell phone coverage is spotty in various parts of the country, the Iridium telephone system by Motorola was created to solve that concern. This was a telephone that could be used in virtually any part of the world. Unlike conventional cell phones that rely on signals from cellular towers

    Asking questions in a survey

    When writing survey questions it is very important to be careful how you word your questions. For example, if someone is asked, "How long is your commute to work," you might get answers that say how long it takes someone to get to work and if they tell you that, does the clock stop when they turn the car off or when they arrive

    Business Research: Product Development

    You are in charge of product development for a company that is releasing a new cell phone. The marketing group has hired a market research firm to evaluate the effectiveness of the product before release. They would like you to make changes to the design based on the results. How can you be sure the study is an example of good r

    The reality of advertising

    Identify a message in advertising. Describe how you perceive the message of the advertisement. Try to determine the reality of the advertisement. Distinguish between your perception and the reality of the message. Thank you for the help!

    Effective Brand Names in Sports Marketing

    Search the Internet for three team nicknames (either college or professional) of which you were previously unaware. Do these team names seem to follow the suggested guidelines for effective brand names? Explain your reasoning. You are a current sales/marketing executive for TAKE TWO athletic shoe company. The company has see

    Analyzing the Marketing Environment

    Select one of the macroenvironments of marketing such as demographic, cultural, economic, political, social, and technological, and a product category. What do you think are the three major trends in the environment that have the potential to impact the marketing of the selected product category? Can the demand for this produ