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Marketing: Social Media

What are the three main platforms of social media? For each describe both a benefit and challenge they present to today's marketing environment.

Expanding Into Overseas Markets

Determine how a genuine company could be expanded to two different overseas markets, one developed such as the UK and another where the digital divide exists such as China using social media. Social media can be a powerful method for promoting the travel, hospitality and businesses, because many potential customers research and

Marketing Case Study: Glazer Electronic Razors

Case Study: Derek is working on promoting his company's Glazer brand of electronic razors. Preliminary surveys have revealed that even though a sizable portion of the target market has developed a liking for the product due to innovative advertising, few customers would actually consider replacing their current razors with Glaze

Service Continuums

Perform the following tasks: Step 1: Choose a company that provides services to end users. This can be from the automotive industry (the service side), personal care, theatre, education, travel industry, and the like. Consider the various services that the business or company offers to consumers and create your own services c

Marketing Triangle and its use

As you have now seen, marketing consists of many different disciplines and functions. However, as a teacher, I like to break the essentials into what I call the "Marketing Triangle." The Marketing Triangle consists of advertising (the stuff that you have to pay for-- TV commercials, print ads, billboards, etc.); publicity (free

Case Study - Hottest Marketing Strategies

In the highly competitive grocery retailing industry, what's one of the hottest marketing strategies for ensuring success? San Antonio-based H.E.B. grocery retailer has found an answer. National grocery chains such as Kroger have found the marketplace increasingly competitive. Local and regional grocery store retailers have

Consumer Concerns About the U.S. Toy Industry

Marketing channels hold risks and opportunities for the toy industry. How have United States toy makers used marketing channel backlash to augment sagging sales? Toy distributors have suffered in recent years as pricing and marketing-channel costs have risen. This is especially true in the United States toy industry. Over 80

The Use of Social Media for Developing a New Product

Select a new product or service that you feel would benefit from a social media marketing campaign. In addition, complete a market analysis and identify a social media tool that the customer base will respond to and use. Address the following questions: - What is your selected new product or service? - How would this produ

Marketing Messages: Zeitgeist

Current events frequently make their way into marketing. This concept, called "zeitgeist" - literally, "spirit of the times" - allows marketers to link their products or services to top-of-mind concerns. (For example, during election years, advertising might utilize a campaign theme. During recessionary periods, ads often focus

Customer Influence

Do you believe that the most influential person in your business is the customer? How could customers hurt or help your business? Will your employees agree that customers are the most important part of the business?

Pepsi Pulse, SEO&SEM online marketing

On April 30, 2012, Pepsi launched Pulse, a social media driven interactive dashboard for everything on pop culture, a week before the 'Live for Now' global marketing campaign that premiered on May 7. As reported by People's Insights (2012) Pulse serves as a "dashboard of pop culture", pulling pictures, tweets, and news from p

Classification of Advertising: Types of Advertising for Different Campaigns

Advertising is used by a wide variety of industries and advertising campaigns tend to achieve different kind of objectives. Advertisers have the option to choose different types of ads for their campaign according to their suitability and effectiveness in different marketing situations. Please discuss what types of advertising c

Strategic marketing - WalMart

Need some assistance to put these questions together. Any help is truly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Firm - WalMart This week you will continue working on your marketing plan. Marketing Plan Pro software will be used to complete this assignment. You should save your project and submit it to the assignments area of the B

Offensive marketing advertisement and example.

Marketing campaigns sometimes miss the mark. Nivea launched a campaign featuring an African American male that went viral and the company was forced to issue an apology. Fleet Laboratories was forced to do the same when an ad campaign targeting different female segments offended women across the board. Has a marketing campaign e

McDonald's Expansion and Successful Marketing: Rapid International Growth

On the subject of product expansion/development and companies that have been extremely successful, what about McDonald's. McDonald's and other companies are taking advantage of the rapid growth in China and other countries. Japan has a high number because most things in highly populated areas of Japan are very high paced -simila

Advertising Approaches

1. This week the common approaches to advertising execution were discussed. Go to YouTube and review some ads that demonstrate any three of the seven different types of media identified, watching for examples of the different execution approaches. Post the links and comment as to which ads do you think were the most effective? W

Marketing Analysis of QuickBooks Software

QuickBooks Software is the product selected for questions. 1) Identify the type of product/service (convenience, shopping, specialty, unsought), and explain what marketing considerations need to be made for your product/service based on this product classification. 2) Determine the most important decisions you will make

Amex Travel

Companies who use Amex Travel get 24/7 access to customer service, guaranteed low rates, and many times they get rebates from the companies they book with just for using Amex. i.e. Hilton and Delta give 3-5% back just for using Amex! This doesn't include the incentive Amex gives. How does this play into marketing and branding?

British's No-Frills Airline Business Environment

Easyjet, British's no-frills airline Easyjet, British's no-frills airline is officially opened for business and is set to make its maiden flight out of London on 26 June 2009. The no-frills airline, a wholly-owned subsidiary easyJet Airline Company Limited of GB Airways Limited ("GB Airways"), has started accepting bookings

Defensive marketing practices

Customer satisfaction can best be achieved by following defensive marketing practices. Do you agree or disagree and why?

Disney's connection with consumers

What does Disney do best to connect with its core consumers and what are the risks and benefits of expanding the Disney brand in new ways?

Anaylsis of Annual Report & a Sample Marketing Plan

Part One: The Coca-Cola Company uses an EVA approach to performance measure what it calls economic profit. Go to Coca-Cola's website ( and view the 2007 Annual Report on Form 10-K ( Discuss the level of detail provided by the com

Kudler Fine Foods Olive Oil

Develop channel and pricing strategies for olives launch, include both domestic and international markets. Justify olives (product) of international market. The justification should employ specific data from research conducted. The country is Spain. - What is the sustainability of the market? - What are the factors that i

Why Companies Are Expanding Internationally

I am having a hard time explaining why so many companies are choosing to expand internationally? Also, are there advantages of expanding beyond the domestic market? Please explain. Thank you!

Case Study: Tchibo

Please refer to the attached file for the case study. 1.What do you think are Tchibo's intentions with Tchibo ideas? 2.Is Tchibo Ideas a platform that can generate products that will really support performance or will the products mainly sell to a niche? 3.Should Tchibo also use the information and discussions on the plat

Decisions in Marketing and Strategic Marketing Audits

Please help developing a response to the following: Should research always cover both categories and research orientations (quantitative and qualitative) to assure balance of decisions in marketing? What actions would you take as a senior marketing manager member to assure that strategic marketing audits were implemented c

Mcoupons: Marketing to Mobile Devices

In an effort to better connect with younger consumers, McDonald's restaurants from southern California are enticing customers through their mobile phones, offering mobile coupons for free McFlurry. Under the promotion, customer's text the message "McFlurry" to a five-digit short code promotional phone line. An electronic coupo