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Superbowl ads and entrepreneurs

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Advertising during the Super Bowl is pricey and reserved for mega brands, but local television stations are allowed to air local advertisements during the broadcast. Size up your local market to determine at least three local businesses that could justify the extra advertising expense to air a commercial during the Super Bowl. Be sure to support your answer with evidence on how the advertising would benefit these businesses.

Entrepreneurs are often tasked with wearing many hats, including building sales, marketing, and operations, to name a few. Advise a friend who wants to open a coffee shop in a popular neighborhood which currently does not have a coffee shop on how to spend her marketing time and budget (presume both time and budget are limited).

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One local business that could justify the extra advertising expense to air a commercial during the Super Bowl would be the local Pizza Hut. This extra advertising expense would benefit this business due to the fact that individuals will usually tend to have Super Bowl parties and other organized events in which a great deal of people will get together in order to eat and watch the Super Bowl together. Many individuals want fast and delicious food, which causes the orders for deliveries to skyrocket during the Super Bowl. Due to these factors, the business generated by extra ...

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Selling Proposition

The link below will take you to the 2015 Superbowl television commercials. Pick one of these and watch it three times. It may takes at least three times to pick up all the details of it.

Explain what the selling proposition of the commercial is and how it has been expressed through the creative presentation.


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