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1. The Super Bowl® is the highest rated TV program of the year. What would you estimate was the rating for it this past year? Based on this information, what do you think was the highest rated program on Network TV?

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Now that you know the answer to the above question, what value is there in raking television programming and how can this information be used to develop an advertising strategy?

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The rating for the Superbowl was probably number one. I would think this is the case because it was of the amount of advertisements that is offered in it every year. They have a range of Geico to Bud Light during each commercial break, and are about thirty seconds in length. People all over America watch it, and these are usually NFL football fans. They root on their favorite team in hopes that they will win, although that is not always the case. However, some teams win more than others. Regardless, I would think that the Superbowl is ranked high because of how popular it is, and how much businesses and television make a big deal out of it. In fact, if my favorite team is playing, then I am likely to watch it too. However, ...

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