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    Kyosuma Corporation

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    Suppose you have been hired by a company that wants to enter the United States automobile market.
    Your company, the Kyosuma Corporation, is based in Korea. The company has invested billions of dollars to create a new mid-sized sedan vehicle that will take on the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord. Priced at $21,599, the Lancel is "loaded." Toyota and Honda are concerned, as the vehicle contains a number of features normally found in the higher-priced sedan, or that are options found in the higher-end Toyota and Honda models. The target market for this vehicle is as follows: Men and women, ages 25-45, with families, a four-year college degree, and a household income of $65K+.
    You are assigned to work in different promotional areas of Kyosuma to create an integrated marketing communications approach. Each member of the group should choose a topic below and give his/her recommendations. The car will be introduced in eight months.

    Sales Promotion: What tools do you plan to use, and why do you feel the tools that you select will be successful?

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    One of the tools that I will utilize for the sales promotion of this new vehicle will be television advertisement, and I will seek to focus this advertisement to be aired most heavily between the hours of 5 PM and 9 PM when the majority of individuals are home from work watching evening television programming etc. This tool will be very ...