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Form of Offline Advertising

I am having trouble with a specific marketing approach. Say you are a member of a team that has been directed to market your online specialty wine distribution company. Discuss what automated marketing approaches might benefit your business without adding to your workload. Which forms of offline advertising would most benefit t

Kyosuma Corporation

Suppose you have been hired by a company that wants to enter the United States automobile market. Your company, the Kyosuma Corporation, is based in Korea. The company has invested billions of dollars to create a new mid-sized sedan vehicle that will take on the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord. Priced at $21,599, the Lancel

Exploratory Research Design

What type of exploratory research design (e.g. observation, protective interview, in-depth interview, focus group) would you suggest for two of the five situations presented below. In addition, provide the rationale for your choices. a. The research and development director at Calvin Klein suggests a new type of cologne for me

Superbowl ads and entrepreneurs

Advertising during the Super Bowl is pricey and reserved for mega brands, but local television stations are allowed to air local advertisements during the broadcast. Size up your local market to determine at least three local businesses that could justify the extra advertising expense to air a commercial during the Super Bowl. B

Integrated Marketing Communication: Promotion Failure

Evaluate overall how politicians engaged in the 2008 or 2012 Presidential campaign have integrated their marketing message. Then, evaluate one specific candidate of your choice. Pick a product which has experienced a failing promotional campaign. (Be sure the failure is due to a bad promotional campaign rather than a failed pro

Harley Davidson Promotion

Marketing Management Directions: Unless otherwise stated, answer in complete sentences, and be sure to use correct English spelling and grammar. Sources must be cited in APA format. Your response should be a minimum of one (1) single-spaced page to a maximum of two (2) pages in length; refer to the "Assignment Format" page

How Do Blogs Fit In To Marketing Diffusion?

We Have a Relationship—We Blog! As a way to enhance relationships with customers, e-tailers are beginning to test Web logs (blogs). Online merchants feel that their blogs will give their e-stores more of a personality, and will get customers to return to their Web sites even when they are not in the mood to shop. For exampl

Staying Alive in a Dead Holiday Season

Case One: Staying Alive in a Dead Holiday Season For many retailers, fiscal success boils down to one and only one period of the year—the Christmas selling season. And for the overwhelming majority of U.S. retailers, 2008 was a terrible year. Sure, some retailers did okay, but these few companies tended to be discounters and

ethical marketing issues

The case study "The Dark Side of Harry Potter's Magic"; what are the marketing ethical issues in this case?

Does marketing create or satify needs?

Consider the statements "Marketing shapes consumer needs and wants" and "Marketing merely reflects the needs and wants of consumers." Take a stand and justify one statement, supporting it with examples.


Select and evaluate at least three ads for products that represent all three stages of the product life cycle. Support your evaluation with an assessment of why you think the products fits in these stages.

Promotion strategies in different industries

Promotion is one variable of the marketing mix. Sellers communicate information about their products and services in order to influence customers' attitudes and behaviors. Select one industry from the list below, and conduct research about strategies that companies in the industry use to promote their products or services. In

Marketing Goods and Services

Propose probable solutions that will be included in a marketing plan that will answer three common concerns that parents may have when weighing the Montessori Private School as an option. Determine how success in the Wild Oats Organic product line impacts its other product lines, such as the Wild Oats Natural line.

Deceptive marketing practices

I have just read through the article referenced below and I need a second opinion on what deceptive marketing practices can be come across in todays businesses? Are they price, promotion, product, or packaging based? Reference

JC Penny Marketing Plan

Discuss the problems that JC Penny experienced over the Christmas season with their marketing plan. You should discuss how the CEO was involved in this decision making process. Please also discuss any recommendations that you might have for this well-known brand named store.

Marketing plan for the V Fusion + Energy product line

Finalize your marketing plan for the V Fusion + Energy product line. Complete the following for your marketing plan: - Outline your product, branding, and packaging strategy. How will you differentiate yourself against the competition? State how the firm may expand upon its product line in the future. - Develop your distr

Advertising Effectiveness

Select an advertising campaign you enjoyed and analyze it. Provide links for your classmates so they can view the campaign. Create a 300-400-word response and state why the campaign attracted your attention. Be sure to include the answers to the following questions in your response: - Did it create a desire for the product ad

When and how to implementing Harvesting or divested strategies

While we have seen that a business may have a number of other strategic options, the conventional wisdom suggests that a declining business should either be divested or harvested for maximum cash flow. Under what kinds of market and competitive conditions do these two conventional strategies make good sense? What kind of marketi

Disney Brand Loyalty

Disney places a great deal of importance on customer loyalty. Explain why customer loyalty is so important to the corporation, then list and explain the strategies that Disney takes to ensure customer loyalty.

International Marketing Environment

In determining a nation's market potential, what kind of products are most likely to be influenced by economic circumstances and what kind of products are more affected by cultural influences?

Strategic Sports Marketing Process

Discuss how being the quarterback of a football team is similar to being a marketer who is responsible for implementing and controlling the strategic sports marketing process. Find examples of three non-sports organizations that advertise on ESPN's Web site ( How might these companies evaluate the effectiveness

Ambush Marketing

1. Define and give an example of ambush marketing. Why is ambush marketing such a threat to legitimate sponsors? What defense would you take against ambush marketing tactics as a sports marketer? 2. Provide examples of how technology has increased the ticket prices of professional sporting events. Support your examples from a

Nike Sports Advertising in the UK

Explain how the topic is influenced by a epistemological perspective, such as research on target market and how advertising directs them in their choices to buy Nike instead of a competitor.