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    A marketing plan for a new product

    Please help with a discussion of the Situational Analysis (past history of the product/company) and the Market Analysis (market demographics, trends, and growth), a SWOT Analysis, and the analysis of competition, the Product/Service Offer and the Marketing Research that has been developed, the Marketing Strategy (Segmentation, T

    Nestle Case Study for Infant Formula

    Although the merits and problems of breast-feeding versus using infant formula are debated in the United States and other developed countries, the issue is not so balanced in third world nations. Studies have demonstrated the difficulties and risks of bottle-feeding babies in such places. First, refrigeration is not generally av

    The rise and fall of Eastman Kodak:

    What are the key objectives for Eastman Kodak that encompass the operational, financial, human resource aspects of the business? How are these objectives essential to the success of the company within the Cloud service industry? What are Kodak's horizontal and vertical integration strategy and determine the corporate level s

    Marketing to increase an audience

    Read the article "Nike Faces Marketing Challenge in China: Make Running Cool" (http://adage.com/article/global-news/nike-faces-marketing-challenge-china-make-running-cool/230717/). Based on what you know from this article about how the sport of running is viewed in China, do you think that Nike's marketing approach is feasibl

    OnStar System Features

    OnStar General Motors includes the OnStar system in many of its vehicles. OnStar is a location system, information system, and communication system available to those drivers who wish to subscribe to the service. 1 - Go to the OnStar website, http://www.onstar.com and read over some of the services that are offered to consumer

    Positioning Brands with a Structured Approach

    Take a position between these two views: "The best way to position a brand is through a structured approach" compared to "The best way to position a brand is through an unstructured approach".

    Marketing Research Outline for Survery Questions

    Step #1: Go to http://www.surveymonkey.com/ and create a new account (choose the free account option). Then, follow the directions to create a survey of your own design. Your survey can be based on any marketing-related product or service situation. Some suggestions are as follows: - Imagine you are designing a new product or

    Websites Relating to Consumer Groups

    Please help me to write a 2-page memo in which you comment on aspects of at least two of these websites that find relevant or interesting in the context of learning more about consumer groups in the United States or throughout the world. You can pertain to the functionality of the websites themselves, the quality of the informat

    Marketing Targeting 30-40 Year Olds

    What brands and products do you feel successfully "speak to a 30-40 year old group" and effectively target this age group? Why? Which ones do not? What can they do better? Use real life examples.

    Florida Tourism and Trends

    Use the Internet to contact your favourite national or state tourism office. List six facts about your state or national destination, and predict travel trends based on the information you obtained.

    Google marketing

    1. With a portfolio as diverse as Google's, what are the company's core brand values? 2. What's next for Google? Is it doing the right thing taking on Microsoft with the concept of cloud computing, and Apple in the fight for smart phones?

    Finding Entertainment in Attractions

    How do you know if a particular attraction will be entertaining? What key factors do you consider when making the decision to visit an attraction?

    The Importance of Multiculturalism: Globalization

    Reply to the following: With the spread of the internet helping feed globalization around the world it is only a matter of time before the entire planet becomes a melting pot, much in the same way the United States was at its birth. This ties really closely with an article I read today from io9 that points out some interesting

    Global Communication: Is the World Coming Closer Together?

    Respond to the following: The world contains numerous diverse cultures and it is evident that within every culture there are similarities and differences. Although there are all of these cultures with their differences, some things within the world are making the youth and teens more similar through the world. With social med

    Global Marketing Communications

    Reply to the following: According to Keller & Kotler (2012), the development of the Web, the spread of cable and satellite TV, and the global linking of telecommunications networks have led to a convergence of lifestyles. Increasingly common needs and wants have created global markets for more standardized products, particularl

    Consumer Research By Marketers: Targeting New Products

    Reply to the following: I totally agree that consumer research is critical to new product development. Customer needs and wants are the logical place to start the search. Companies are increasingly turning to "crowd sourcing" to generate new ideas. Crowd sourcing means inviting the internet community to help create content or

    Ziba and brand loyalty

    Analyze the following case study: Ziba Design [Video File 10:38 minutes]. Pearson Education. Retrieved from mms://winmedia.leg.akamai.pearsoncmg.com/ph/bp/bp_video_library/Ziba.wmv Include responses to the following questions in your analysis. - Discuss what occurs before Ziba develops a design or advertising

    Advertising Pre-Testing

    Reply to the following post: Ad pretesting is an important diagnostic function for marketers. Pretesting is done prior to putting the ad into media and after it is printed or broadcast, this helps the marketer to determine if the advertisement is communicating its message effectively (Kotler & Keller, 2012). There are several

    Pretesting advertising

    Advertising creatives have long lamented ad pretesting. They believe that it inhibits their creative process and results in sameness in commercials. Marketers, on the other hand, believe that ad pretesting provides necessary checks and balances as to whether an ad campaign is being developed in a way that will connect with consu

    Interpersonal Determinants of Consumer Behavior

    Please discuss "the interpersonal determinants of consumer behavior: cultural, social, and family influence and how they influence the purchase categories." Please make sure your responses are robust, meaningful and stimulates further inquiry.

    Television advertising as the dominant medium

    Respond to the following post: Television advertising is still viable. From personal experience I have seen the trend of Cable's On Demand not allowing the fast forward option to operate during viewings so I have to painfully sit there to watch the advertisements. Every opportunity to fast forward a previously recorded show i

    Television Advertising

    Respond to the following post: Television has not always been a regular item in households across the world but over the past couple of decades it has. Marketing originally began on televisions that only reached individuals who had television sets and then came billboards and the internet. Although the internet is the newest

    Television Advertising: Power

    Respond to the following post: Television is still the most powerful advertising medium. I remember years ago there was a "can you hear me now" Verizon commercial, or the famous "Flo" character from progressive car insurance company. I still believe TV is a powerful advertising tool. Haven taken a "why we eat and our perce

    Brand location and socioeconomic demographics

    Channel images must be consistent with the brand image. Different types of customers shop in different stores. Most times the store selection is based on the income of the customer. Therefore, when selling high-end products, one must use channels that are known for selling high-end products. There are many stores that are capab

    Polo Ralph Lauren Brand Image for Channels

    I will take the position that channel images must be consistent with the brand image, at least with brands that want to be perceived as high quality or exclusive. In our text, there is the example of Nike pulling their products from Sears stores when Sears bought K-Mart, because Nike did not want to be sold through K-Mart (page

    Has Television Advertising Lost Power?

    Long deemed the most successful advertising medium, television advertising has received increased criticism as being too expensive and as being less effective than it once was. Critics maintain that consumers tune out too many ads by channel surfing and that it is difficult to make a strong impression. The future, claim some,