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    Marketing Consumers

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    1. If consumers are being deluged by sensory over stimulation, what can a marketer do to cut through the clutter?
    2.Using the principles of classical conditioning or operant conditioning, design two specific marketing objectives for a specific nonprofit Provide a description.
    3.What should ads say to help brands make the first (non-compensatory) cut in decision making to be included in a consumer's consideration set? What should ads say to help a brand be chosen, once in the set?
    4.How might you obtain data to segment visitors to your city's public parks, by day of week and time of day? What would you expect to find?

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    //Marketing strategy is something that is used by every organization to build the brand image in the minds of customers. Moreover, certain physiological behavior techniques are also used by marketers to know consumer responses and furthermore the ads and segmentation methods are used by the marketers to attract customers to choose their product. Some of the strategies and techniques have been discussed below//

    When a consumer enters into a market he is deluged on seeing end number of products at his disposal and it becomes very difficult for him to choose from them. Therefore, certain steps need to be taken by the marketers to make their product stand out. Companies should create advertisement that would distinguish their products from others and should be eye catching to the consumers. Moreover, markets should design their products in such a manner that the consumers are able to identify the product with certain level of their need and that will motivate the consumers to go for the product. Marketers should understand what actually motivates them to go for the product so that they could design their marketing strategy accordingly. Attitude and decision-making affect the brand purchasing to a greater extend (Lacobucci, 2014). Marketers could use close proximity marketing strategy to make their product advertisement reach directly in the consumers' smartphones and tablets with the help of Bluetooth and Wifi. Sometimes, a company can use outbound marketing to reach to their prospective customers by preparing a list of prospects so that the consumers can know about the existence of a certain brand (Bueno & Jeffrey, 2015).

    Classical conditioning is a method through which the ...

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    The response addresses the query posted in 1011 words with APA references.