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    OnStar System Features

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    General Motors includes the OnStar system in many of its vehicles. OnStar is a location system, information system, and communication system available to those drivers who wish to subscribe to the service.
    1 - Go to the OnStar website, http://www.onstar.com and read over some of the services that are offered to consumers.
    2 - Based on your review of this website, write a 2-page memo describing the various ways that OnStar can be used as a CRM tool by General Motors, specifically in the context of creating interactions, gathering customer data, and customizing service offerings to customers.
    The memo will be assessed based on the extent to which you assessed the OnStar website per the aforementioned outline.

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    These are some of the features of the vehicle as per the website. Please identify these in ways that can improve CRM.

    Repeatedly, OnStar and other programs like it have been shown to be lifesaving for drivers, passengers, and the general public. OnStar is the most important marketing tool for attracting customers to vehicles that include the program.
    Customers can become even more approachable when they learn that the emergency systems do not need the driver to access them in some cases.

    There is an automatic crash response feature that not only alerts the advisor, but also can predict, due to the sensors ...

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