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    Marketing plan outline coffee maker

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    I have provided you an outline to use to help with this project. I have provided some information for you to review and expand on or change as you choose.

    Marketing Plan Proposal


    Mr. Coffee has a long history of creating new and innovative ways to deliver coffee in homes and businesses. The Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew is one the newer generation of these coffee makers, making coffee drinkers happy. The Optimal Brew has two versions, one a regular type that can be set in advance to brew, and another that can be synced with a mobile application. We are focusing on the regular style coffee maker.

    The Optimal Brew is currently markets as fast and it makes a better cup of coffee due to the water temperature and time of water with grounds for optimal flavor. Since the coffee maker is in competition with other different types of coffee makers, this makes some sense. Mr. Coffee has a number of different coffee makers, including the original style coffee maker with glass carafe and moving through various versions like the currently single cup brewing coffee makers.
    It is definitely faster and hotter than the older style carafe, even when the thermal style carafe is used. It is competing now against those fast, single cup brewers that send out a cup of hot coffee in about a minute.

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    A sample marketing plan outline using a coffee maker as the focus.