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Customer loyalty and customer retention.

Please discuss if 'customer loyalty' is the same as 'customer retention', providing examples. Evaluate the relationship between brand loyalty, corporate image and repeat purchasing.

Explain the factors that affect buyer behaviour

Consumer's buying behaviour is determined by economic, psychological, sociological and cultural consideration, these factors make up the motivation mix of the customer, discuss the influence of each one of the above mentioned factors in detail, providing a real examples.

J.C. Penney Pricing and Promotion Strategy

Task : Develop a report which addresses the following issues: 1) Briefly describe J.C. Penney's new pricing strategy, also providing background on the company and department store industry. 2) Do you think J.C. Penney's new pricing strategy will work in the long run even if it seems to be not working at the current stage? Su

Calculate the standard deviation of demand during replenishment.

During replenishment of blue diamonds, it is shown that the average demand per period is 4 and the average lead time is 3 per period. What is the standard deviation of demand during replenishment of blue diamond if the standard deviations of demand per period and lead time are 1.2 and 1.5, respectively.

Strategic reformulation of an organization

Research the current business environment and identify an organization that has recently (within the last 2- 3 years) undergone a serious strategic reformulation and change.

Car Dealership Features

What do you think would happen if one organization says a car dealership among many decided to advertise that the product is in fact a stripped down version that doesn't have many features other than the basic ones? Do you think it would help or hurt their business?

Commercial Advertising

What are some disadvantages of commercial advertising? Do some commercials mislead consumers? Explain

Marketing: 4 P's On and Offline

In what ways do the 4 P's differ in an online environment than they would for a brick-n-mortar retail business model? Give specific examples of products (goods and/or services) and the companies that provide them.

Marketing and Marketing Communication

We learned about marketing communication this week and also discussed marketing concepts in general. Explain the difference between marketing and marketing communications. Be sure to support your answer.

Marteting Strategies for Stained Glass Cleaning Service

Stained Glass Cleaning Service Part 1 Provide a brief overview of the product or service. Discuss what pricing targets you would consider for your product/service. The objectives should be based on the various theories obtained from marketing literature and take in to account competitor pricing. Include background on value

Marketing Department Role

This assignment should have a least a minimum of 250 words: Many experts believe that marketing is the most important function in a company. Discuss the reasons this is a true statement Discuss the reasons this is not a true statement.

Demand Forecasting Equation Slope

In forecasting, MacDonald's Wing® discovered that when it opened its store to the public, it was able to sell 5,000 parachutes in the first year. Given the equation; y=a+bx. Where 'y' represents the number of sales and 'a' is the number they started with (200), what is the slope of this equation after 2 years? (slope is b)

Self-promotion and how you can get what you want faster

Please help! 1. For this question, think of a situation where you market yourself. You might be -looking for a new job -pitching yourself for a job promotion -promoting your business -trying to sell a house -trying to sell an item on craigslist -trying to find qualified application to fill a position in your company

Evaluating pricing strategy in the long run

I need help briefly describing J.C. Penney's new pricing strategy, and also providing background on the company and department store industry. Will J.C. Penney's new pricing strategy work in the long run even it seems to be not working at the current stage? Consider this position in terms of environmental factors such as econ

Forecasting Demand and Employee Supply

The original case study: Discuss what the major Forecasting Demand and Employee Supply approaches are about. Address what types of Forecasting Demand and Employee Supply approaches are used in an organization you are familiar with (example: retail store) and if are there any HR Information Systems that might help this organiz

Public Relations Discussion: questions regarding marketing public relations

Can you please help me with these questions. I am having some issues putting them together. Each response must be one decent paragraph. Name of the textbook enclosed. Thanks in advance for your help. PUBLIC RELATIONS 1. Give an example of a good and a bad use of public relations and/or publicity. 2. Read about the thre

Ethical pricing of a healthcare company

In 1986, Burroughs-Wellcome Company introduced the first major breakthrough against acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). It was the life-prolonging drug AZT. The product has turned out to be very successful for the company and, largely because of AZT's success, Burroughs-Wellcome's profits have doubled in the three years

Customers Attitude Toward the Use of the Web

In what ways has the learning of employees and customers changed as a result of their ability to use the Web, and how would this change the interaction between them during the purchasing process? b. How can retail organizations promote learning at the individual, department, and store level to improve salespeople's ability to

Developing forecast models for demand

The University Bookstore is owned and operated by State University through an independent corporation with its own board of directors. The bookstore has three locations on or near the State University campus. It stocks a range of items including textbooks, trade books, logo apparel, drawing and educational supplies, and computer

Marketing in a Global Environment

Marketing in a global environment brings with it some unique challenges. Assume that you are with Kellogg's Cereal Company. You have decided to enter the market in a new country. What are some things to consider when entering a new market? What are some recommendations as to how Kellogg's in particular should enter the market

Successful Marketing through print advertisement with example.

Provide a print advertisement that illustrates a company is reaching a specific market segment. Scan and post the ad (or provide a detailed description of the ad) and post 3 paragraphs on who the target market is and whether or not you believe this ad is successful in reaching the customer.

Surveying and "cold calls"

There are times that the use of random numbers can be helpful but, at the same time, "cold calls" (as in sales) can be very challenging to accomplish. When you add in the facet of a phone interview and a topic regarding crime and victimization the challenges magnify significantly. What do you think makes people willing to ta

Comparing Views on Business Responsibility

Need assistance on putting together a 500 Word summary on Milton Friedman's "Traditional View of Business Responsibility" and Archie Carroll's "Four Responsibilities of Business."