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    Promoting and Selling Tires

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    Can I get some marketing ideas on the following:
    - How to promote and sell recycled automobile tires.
    - How to promote and sell a new truck tire.
    Also any suggestions for the marketing campaign for both.

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    Promote and Sell Recycled Automobile Tires:

    Recycled tires would be purchased by price conscious and budget consumers who cannot afford new tires or do not want to spend on new tires. Hence, it is very important to attract such customers by highlighting the value proposition of the recycled tires. The marketing campaign for recycled tires should clearly communicate the benefits of recycled tires to the customers by highlighting several benefits or features of the product, such as cost savings, long life due to use of innovative/new technology, etc. Recycled tires can also be sold on the ...

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    The solution discusses marketing and promotion strategies for new and recycled truck tires.