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    5 Star and Amtech

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    Read the Chapter 14 case study "5 Star and Amtech" on p. 455. In at least one paragraph per question, answer all three discussion questions.

    1.Using the competing values model in Exhibit 14.3, what type of culture (adaptability, achievement, clan, bureaucratic) would you say dominant at 5 Star? At Amtech? What is your evidence?

    2.Is there a culture gap? Which type of culture do you think is most appropriate for the newly merged company? Why?

    3.If you were John Tyler, what techniques would you use to integrate and shape the cultures to overcome the culture gap?

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    Step 1
    The culture at 5 Star is a clan culture. A clan culture is one that focuses on the involvement and participation of organization's members and on changing expectations from external environment. In case of 5 Star the evidence is that it focuses on the needs of its employees. The argument of 5 Star is that if its employees are satisfied they will be motivated and benefit the company. The culture as Amtech is bureaucratic. This culture has an internal focus and a consistency orientation for a stable environment. The evidence is that ...

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