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Business Strategy And Business Marketing

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1. Title page
2. Introduction a. Propose your healthcare firm.
b. Compose the services and/or products offered.
c. Prepare a need for the strategic and business plan.
d. Compare the difference between the strategic plan and a business plan.
e. Relate Force and Focus
f. Distinguish is the driving force

Submit Part I | Title and Introduction
The Assignment should meet all APA standards, be grammatically correct, appropriate and consistent research citation and documentation, appropriate graphics to display data and the results of analysis, and visual materials to support presentation of the overall document. Each section is to be a minimum of two (2) pages and should include a separate title and reference page. Your final product will have a separate title page and one reference page(s) that combine all references utilized throughout the project.

References are to be scholarly peer reviewed resources ONLY, with a minimum of two (2) references.

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Title: Affordable Pharmaceuticals

Introduction/Purpose: There is a tremendous need for affordable pharmaceuticals, especially among the underprivileged within society. Due to this factor this organization has the purpose of ensuring that there is affordable medication for all individuals within the nation, which is an ethical and just purpose. This organization also seeks to ensure that individuals can order this medication and have it delivered to them, especially due to the fact that many individuals that are economically disadvantaged don't have access to vehicles, and may not have individuals to go and pick up these items for them. This firm also has the purpose of ensuring that the medications that are offered are of equitable quality to any other pharmaceuticals on the market.

Products/Services Offered: The products that will be offered by this firm include medications for every type of malady that individuals may need prescriptions for. This includes medications for heart conditions, mental illness, hypertension, HIV medication, etc. These products are obtained at an extremely high bulk rate from major pharmaceutical companies across the country, which makes it possible to purchase them at very low prices, and ...

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