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Value Congruence: Organizational vs. Professional Values

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I need help explaining "how values congruence is relevant with respect to organizational versus professional values"?

It has to be at least 500 words/more and sources in APA formatting!

Thank you

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Values congruence is defined as "the similarity between a person's values and those of the organization" (Lamm, 2010). Values congruence is relevant with respect to personal values versus an organization's values as well as organizational versus professional values. When organizations hire personnel it is with the intention of finding people who "fit" into the company culture. This is part of building a team and being able to work together to advance the organization's objectives. While there tends to be standards of behavior commonly accepted among professionals, within each organization there are unique features that serve to hold employees together. Being able to contribute to a company involves being sold on the organization's mission and interested in furthering its' success.
Sharing values is key. It is by defining what is important to the individual and having agreement (or congruence) that progress can ...

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This detailed solution discusses value congruence in the context of an employee's personal values versus the organizational's values, and most importantly how value congruence is relevant with respect to organizational versus professional values. Provides examples and APA formatted references.

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