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    Organizational Development Model for Whole Foods

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    OD Models

    In the Background Information section of Module 2, you are provided eleven (11) different OD models.
    Now that you've considered the background and the strengths and weaknesses of these models, which of them do you believe would be best suited to an OD analysis of your chosen Fortune "Best 100" organization? While you do not need to cover every characteristic of your chosen model, please be very thorough and specific in your discussion and reasoning.
    USE WHOLE FOODS as company

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    Whole Foods is the largest natural food grocer in the United States with 300+ stores in the U.S., Canada and United Kingdom (Cuenllas, 2013). Whole Foods stores sell high quality, healthy and environment friendly products which have organic roots. Their vision emphasizes customer service. Their purpose is to improve lives of people by giving them healthy eating options. While the company is committed to doing good, there are certain aspects of business where they have little control over. As a result Whole Foods face challenges, most of which are imposed upon by the external environment.
    The inputs to Whole Foods consist of:
    • Internal environment
    • Internal resources
    • Historical tradition
    • Differentiation strategy
    The environment, resources and tradition align well with the differentiation strategy practiced by the company. Nadler-Tushman model will help in evaluating relationship between each of the four components and aim to maximize the ...

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    Analysis of Whole Foods Market on chosen OD model